Twing Lets You Search Information Within Forums and Communities

Before Blogs and other social networking sites, the most widely used online property are online forums and communities. These internet sites epitomize knowledge collaboration and interaction in real-time.However with influx and the growing popularity of social networking sites, it has become easier to communicate with other people online and online forums popularity started to wane. Nonetheless, there are still existing forums and Twing is facilitating the transfer of knowledge by providing a search engine that crawls through online forums and find relevant results.

Twing is touted as a business tool which brand managers and business owners use to find insights into products and companies circulating through daily exchanges of ideas (post) in online forums.

Twing features a “Saved Search and Buzz Graph” facilities which would be most useful for tracking brand conversations. Buzz Graph allows users to see the popularity of various products across forums which is a good starting point for sharing them with collegues.

Twing’s forum search engine is an additional for monitoring brand perception aside from monitoring blogs and web pages. Forums substitute for the “real person-to-person”. And based on my experience, the discussion in online forums are honest and truthful as they can get, since forum members are more aggressive and relaxed while posting on online forums.

Twing is both a forum search engine as well as a resource directory. Those searching for good first-hand information about almost anything can find them using Twing’s search engine.

Other features of Twing include; multiple search options plus advanced filtering and sorting tools