Twine Helps You to Keep Up with What You're Into

Unlike most social networks, web 2.0 utilities, and services which becomes useful to you the moment you signed up and create your accounts on their site, new online service Twine becomes more useful the more you use its services. Twine is a smart online service which is powered by semantic understanding which simply means that it can automatically learn about your interests and used that to makes connections as well as suggests recommendations which are tailored fit for your interests. Hence, the more you use it, the more it becomes useful to you.

In a nutshell, Twine lets you keep track of your interests and helps you gather web content such as videos, photos, articles, web pages and products. This allows you to compile interesting web content which you can check out anytime you like. Twine provides a highly personalized and convenient way of collecting online information which you can either used alone or share it with friends, groups and communities.

Twine lets you organized web contents you find intersting through its Interest Feed. You can categorized these interest feed into sub-categories which you speficy and which best represents that specific interest. It also lets you interact with other Twine members, organized your content, and connect with people.

One notable feature of Twine is its search engine for finding specific Twine shared by other members. You simply type in a particular subject and Twine would scour through its Twine content and give you the links to those content.

Although Twine is still in its initial stage, technically it has the making of a good web 2.0 service which is on the road to success. But that is, if Twine could manage to sustain the “interesting” factor that it has embedded into itself. There are currently not too many Twines yet, but in time we might be looking at a thickly populated Twine aggregator enjoying the fruits of its success.