What’s Your Twitter Worth On TwiDAQ?

Have you tried TwiDAQ yet?

It describes itself as “a fantasy stock market based in the world of twitter where twitterers themselves are the commodity to be traded and the profitability of a commodity is defined by its ability to grow its influence.”

But I call it the latest welcome addiction for competitive Tweople.

Have you ever wanted to trade fantasy shares of your favorite (or least favorite) Twitter friends?

We’re not talking about “buy me and I’ll buy you”/driving engagement a la Empire Avenue (though that’s a cool site too) – we’re talking about having only $50 to ‘spend’ initially and choosing Twitter accounts to buy and sell with the end goal of growing your investments, all while growing your own net worth.

Here more:

[It] works much like a normal every-day stock market except first; the money you’re playing with is just totally pretend money and second; the ‘companies’ you’re trading are Twitter accounts.

We operate five exchanges around the world; London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Prague.  Each exchange operates 9am to 6pm local-time and you can only trade on one exchange.

Earnings are calculated from the number of tweets, mentions, retweets, followers and listings a stock has.  So the more people follow a stock, or retweet a stock’s tweets the more it could be said to be earning.

Why play though? Outside of showing off your Twitter savvy, what’s the point?

Well to get in to the Top 100 of . . . whatever applies, of course! Like Charles Arthur, The Guardian’s Technology Editor, who holds the top spot in the Tech Journalists Index:

And it’s also a great way to find influencers, I’d imagine – competitive influencers at that! And aren’t they the best kind, really?

Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Retro ticker image from Shutterstock)