How To Find ‘Twickets’ Without Paying Outrageous Markups

You know that if you miss that two minute window when tickets first become available for certain events, you’re not getting a ticket – not unless you want to pay twice the price, that is. Why? Because there are so many people who buy tickets for the sole reason of overcharging true fans who weren’t as fast on the draw.

That sucks. And Twickets thinks so too. It has come up with a new model for “ticket redistribution” that benefits fans and (hopefully) puts the unscrupulous scalpers out of business.

Twickets “was set up by a small group of people in the UK tired of being ripped off by secondary ticketing services.” So they created this “aggregator of all spare or unwanted UK event tickets made available to us via people on Twitter, with one uniting factor – nothing is posted that is more than face value.”

Here’s how to use it:

Follow the @Twickets twitter or its more specific accounts; @TwicketsMusic@TwicketsSport and @TwicketsTravel “for all spare train, coach, ferry, hotel and plane bookings that are going unused.”

When you find something you’re interested in, send a tweet to the person offering the ticket – no need to copy Twickets as they’re not the ones selling the ticket. Easy, hmm?

The Independent reports Twickets “hope[s] to expand to Ireland next” and have been contacted by folks eager to see the service available in New York.

And one final, important, note that’s key to its success: “The community polices itself, the founder says, with anyone breaching the face-value requirement being reported as a bad seller.

Would you like to use this service?

(Image from Twickets)