Twelve Ways To Stay Focused At Work

This list of productivity tips is from and for freelancers, but honestly, even fulltime workers sometimes need help focusing…moreso if you have a boss breathing down your neck.

These successful freelancers suggest a lot of tried and true tips, such as setting a timer and promising you’ll do nothing but focus on work until the bell goes off, developing a consistent routine, and making (and sticking to) a schedule.

Here’s one from Tina Forsyth, founder of “If something will take less than five minutes, do it now. It’s amazing how the little things can pile up, and at the end of the day we are looking at a long list of to-dos that can seem overwhelming.” In other words, if you keep your to-do list manageable by knocking little things off it as they come up, you’ll feel less hassled at the end of the day.

And from James Clear, founder of Passive Panda, comes a tip we can never bring ourselves to put into practice: “Don’t open your email inbox until the afternoon. Spend the entire morning dedicating yourself to real, productive work. In most cases productive work includes only three things: 1) Generating leads 2) Making sales 3) Working on billable projects. If you’re checking email before doing these three things, then you need to make a shift.”

What do you think?