Showcase Your Twitter Profile (And Play ‘Angry Birds’) With A Tweetsheet

A number of websites have offered various ways to crunch your Twitter profile data into an attractive and easily-digestible visualization (a recent example being, who we featured back in July), and now Vizify is the latest to get in on the action with their Twitter-analyzing application, Tweetsheet.

It’s very easy to use – simply connect via Twitter (no password is needed or shared) and in a few moments Vizify will work some magic and load up your profile’s Tweetsheet.

Here, for example, is mine:

Tweetsheet scans your last 3200 tweets (which is Twitter’s API maximum) and as you can see delivers some useful information, which includes a month-by-month summary of your tweet totals (including numerics on those which received a reply or retweet), your most re-tweeted posts, geographic impact, best followers and the most common themes that you like to talk about on Twitter.

I was surprised to see what topped the list in my most-retweeted posts; less so that Twitter was my favourite theme.

The Angry Birds nod in the main image is a nice touch, too. But it’s not just static – click on the bird and you can actually play a quick game of Angry Birds, too. You get one shot to try and do as much damage as possible to the bars making up your tweet activity. Hit replay to try to beat your score. What a brilliantly inventive idea.

I’d like to see some more data, but overall this is a fun and easy way to analyze your Twitter profile.

(Source: Vizify. Top image credit: Creative Improv via Shutterstock.)