Artist Uses Tweets To Create Supercool Paintings

There are creative folks out there who use Twitter in ways one would never imagine – like making music from tweets (which we told you about already) or creating paintings from tweet data, which we will tell you about now!

GabyGaby is an unconventional artist. Aren’t all artists unconventional though, you ask? Well, as GabyGaby describes himself, “he uses colors, he Photoshops, he glues, he stitches, he paints and draws (and mixes it), [making art] literally outside the old conventions.” And he just created a series of paintings from tweet data, so yeah, he’s a little different.

In what is being rightfully called a “true mash-up of art, social media and data science,” GabyGaby used Kred Twitter data as his inspiration for the paintings. Twitter what-a who-a? Let’s take a step back.

Kred, if you recall, is the eerily accurate online influence measurement tool brought to you by the friendly folks at PeopleBrowsr. A Kred score values  audience quality and engagement over audience size (though size is still factored in, of course).

So using the power of its massive 1,200 day social media archive, the Kred team extracted Twitter posts about @Gaby407, his followers and the most common words they use.

We then created a word cloud of his followers’ most used words, a list of the most mentioned colors in their posts, and the cities his followers most frequently tweet from. Then we mailed this deep Kred Analytics Report over to Gaby’s studio in The Netherlands.

The result? Oh, it’s pretty awesome. The pieces were displayed at PeopleBrowsr Labs in San Francisco during the Kred Leaders Conference on May 29-30. You can check out the rest here, but this one is a favorite:

Pretty cool, huh? So now we’ve had music and art – any guesses as to what will be created from tweet data next? Interpretative dance? Mimes? You tell us! Seriously, we’re hooked on this stuff now – tell us.

(Color coming out of laptop image from Shutterstock)