Using Tweets By Email To Grow Your Audience

We understand that Twitter has its limitations. The main problem with using it to market your business or yourself is the fact that much of your target audience isn’t on Twitter. Even worse? Many have a pretty healthy aversion to ever signing on (or so they say).

But you LOVE Twitter and use it all the time. So what you can do?

Well, if you used Tweets by Email, your audience could subscribe to your tweets via email and your efforts on Twitter would be able to do double-time.

It’s not as crazy as you think. Check THIS out.

Tweets by Email is the most efficient way to stay current on any topic, person or news source. Seriously.

Sure, you can have lists on Twitter and check em out that way, but unless you’re super vigilant with sorting and checking your lists, you’ll likely miss something from your favorite sources.

Tweets by Email sends you a daily digest in an easy to skim format, sharing tweets your sources you subscribe to on its site.

All you really need to think about is how to group your sources. You can subscribe to five sources for each group you create – and you’ll receive one email per group.

Here’s how it looks:

As you can see, I’m creating a new group (TBD) and I have subscribed to Breaking News and People Magazine so far, leaving three open spots for this group.

So after I finish and activate my account, I’ll start receiving daily emails within 24 hours displaying my sources most recent tweets. It’s actually pretty handy – and is MUCH more convenient than visiting a bunch of different Twitter profiles (think ‘good stuff to skim on the train ride into work’).

And sure, we know folks could just subscribe to users’ RSS feeds for updates – but who the heck uses those anymore? And outside of those who used to use them – the rest of the population doesn’t seem to understand them.

But wait – there’s more:

Not only are you able to subscribe to folks’ Twitter accounts, you can direct folks there to subscribe to YOUR tweets. By logging in with your Twitter account you can see your number of subscribers. You can also change your description to better suit an audience that isn’t familiar with Twitter.

So use the login on the left to subscribe or the social plug-in on the right to view your subscribers.

Test it out and let us know what you think!

(3D person with megaphone image from Shutterstock)