Billionaire Activist Investor’s Tweet Boosts Apple’s Stock More Than 5%

Yet another example of the power of 140 characters: billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn tweeted yesterday afternoon about his strong belief in Apple and, as a result, the company saw its stock jump up by more than 5% – the biggest bump in more than 6 months.

The increase effectively added several billion dollars to Apple’s market cap. Talk about the tweet heard around the world.

Miguel Rios, an engineering manager at Twitter, captured the moment:

And here are Icahn’s two tweets:

Almost 2,000 collective retweets and 500 favorites.

As Mashable reports, the stock has also been given an assist by a ruling in its favor in a case against Samsung, plus reports that the next iPhone unveiling is just around the corner.

(Apple logo via MobileMag.)