And So It Begins… Tweetro ‘Completely Crippled’ By Twitter For Breaking 100,000 User Limit

Back in September Twitter released a major revision to their API guidelines for third party app developers, which – in case you didn’t hear – ruffled quite a few feathers.

The biggest stickler was a new limit on user tokens, which was set at 100,000 per third party client. This means that apps “replicating the core Twitter experience” can now support a maximum of 100,000 users before getting into trouble with Twitter. Developers were told that they had until March 2013 to comply.

Or so we thought. Because over the weekend, popular Windows Twitter app Tweetro breached these API limitations – and was immediately “crippled” by Twitter.

Tweetro didn’t do anything wrong – it simply grew too much, too quickly, largely on the back of the Windows 8 launch in October. But that didn’t seem to matter to Twitter, who acted without mercy.

Tweetro developers Lazyworm Applications shared the news in an email sent out to users over the weekend.

Since the official launch of Windows 8, we’ve seen a massive spike in downloads. We are averaging around 3-4K downloads a day and have had well over 200K downloads since Tweetro launched on ‘Release Preview’. Unfortunately, we’ve been victims of our own success as it appears that the app is now being blocked by Twitter due to the new Token limitations.

The app is now completely crippled and users cannot get past the OAuth screen as they are presented with an error ‘Cannot connect to service’. We were under the impression that Twitter wasn’t going to enforce the token limits until March next year (when all 3rd party apps are required to migrate to the new API’s) however this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The future of Tweetro is uncertain at this stage but it’s likely that it will be pulled from the Windows Store until we can figure out the best way moving forward.

I know what you’re thinking: there’s a Windows Store? Who knew?

Lazyworm’s email included a graphic showing the app’s downloads over the past month.

No official word from Twitter yet – we’ll update if and when anything is said. Until then, if you’re a fan of third party Twitter apps – any app, but especially those that replicate Twitter’s core experience (which is almost all of the good ones) – this is very worrying news indeed. Watch your back.

(Source: Windows Observer.)