TweetReach Now Has Free Accounts To Help You Measure How Far Your Tweet Traveled

TweetReach wants to help you answer the question “How far did my tweet travel?” They enable users to determine the reach and exposure of any Twitter username, hashtag, URL or keyword phrase.

If you’re interested in monitoring a Twitter campaign, evaluating the “stickiness” of your tweets or just seeing how effective you are at tweeting, you will want to log on to TweetReach and experiment with their newly minted free accounts – perfect for dipping your toes into Twitter analytics.

With TweetReach you can create a Snapshot Report of how far your tweet traveled for up to 50 tweets for free, and you can purchase one of these reports for $20. However, the new free account allows you to bookmark an unlimited number of free and full snapshot reports for later viewing and analysis. You can also download this data in CSV or PDF format, to share with colleagues.

If you need more analytics juice, TweetReach’s Pro plan offers real-time analysis of an unlimited number of tweets, as well as detailed hashtag and URL reporting.

Let’s say you want to see how much exposure your business Twitter account is getting. With the free TweetReach account, you simply enter the Twitter username of the account in question, and you’ll be presented with the exposure rate of that user (i.e. how many impressions the last 50 tweets from that user saw). You’ll also see the breakdown of those last 50 tweets – how many were retweets, @replies and regular tweets. And you can view how many other Twitter users are contributing to your exposure, too.

There’s a wealth of data in just the free account alone, but if you want to see how much exposure your last 100 or 200 tweets got you, you’ll have to sign up for the Pro.

Hayes Davis, co-founder and CEO of TweetReach, explains how valuable its offerings are to social media marketers:

“Every marketer must be able to quickly and easily discover the real impact of the conversations about their brands on Twitter. TweetReach provides detailed information on reach, exposure, influencers and more with a simple, familiar interface that helps marketers understand and improve the impact of their social media activity. Our new free accounts and TweetReach Pro enhancements make it even easier for users to analyze and improve the TweetReach of their campaigns.”

Along with unveiling its free account, TweetReach also released a number of statistics. In 2011 alone, it has been used to run over 1,000,000 reports on more than 111 million tweets.

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