TweetMyJob Talks

With 4,000 follower and over 50,000 job postings, TweetMyob has quickly become an overnight sensation. Today recruiter Joel Cheesman has an interview with TweetMyJob creator Gary Zukowski. Below are some of the highlights of that interview.

What was the genesis for TweetMyJOBS, and what kind of background do you come from?
I am a 21-year technology veteran of corporate America. I have worked as a developer, manager and consultant in IT organizations such as MITRE, GE and SeaLand, and has been following Twitter’s tremendous growth over the last couple years. Having read about Twitter assisting doctors in hospital operating rooms and even being a valuable communication tool during the Mumbai terrorist bombings, I realized that in this down economy there was a great opportunity for yet another creative use of Twitter.
How does the application work?
It is very easy. First, a person signs up for a free Twitter account or uses his or her existing Twitter account. Then, the person goes to and signs up for our free service.
Once the account is established TweetMyJOBS job seekers subscribe to “job channels” for the cities and job types they have an interest. Instantly they can begin receiving text messages when positions become available on the job channels they have signed up for. In less than 4 minutes, a user can be getting new job postings on his or her cell phone. In addition, a job seeker can upload a resume and profile onto TweetMyJOBS, and we will tweet it for potential employers to find.
Why would a job seeker use TweetMyJOBS instead of other job posting services like or Hotjobs?
As opposed to sites like and Hotjobs where people can sign up to receive email notifications for jobs on a daily basis, TweetMyJOBS subscribers receive notification of a posting immediately. In this economy that could be the difference between getting a job or remaining unemployed. Also, we’re a lot more affordable. Our posting prices range from $.99 to $9.99 per job, depending on the duration.

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