Tweetminster Gives Twitter a Political Side

For those who are questioning Twitter’s relevance and value, Twitminster could prove them wrong. What started as an ordinary Tweet conversation between UK’s MP Tom Watson and Alberto Nardelli at UnltdWorld and the Tweet Congress, led to a full-blown social networking tool for the benefit of the public, now known as Tweetminster.

According to its About Page, “TweetMinster is a public service that makes it easier to connect the public with Members of Parliament using Twitter.” It aims to encourage UK Parliament’s constituents to participate in open conversations and promote better and more transparent communication between the elected MPs and those who voted for them – the people.

The site brags of having a good number of UK MP’s who are already using the Twitter application. And it even list down some of these MP’s who uses Twitter. Although there still quite a few only of these MP’s who uses Twitters, the site is most useful for serving as a database of the MP’s including ways to connect to them through various means.

In effect, the directory of MP’s could serve as a springboard in enticing the other MPs to start using Twitter. Or if you are among the constituents of the UK Parliament you can even help Tweetminster in convincing your representatives to join Tweetminster and start using Twitter as a form of online communication.

In short, Tweetminster helps you find all the UK politicians that are active on Twitter and organizes their tweets in a useful way.