TweetMeme Launches Follow Button

TweetMeme announced the launch of a companion to its ReTweet button: The Follow button, which, like its counterpart, uses Twitter OAuth access rather than directing users to Twitter.

The Follow button offers users the Twitter profile’s picture, real name, Twitter user name, profile description, following and follower counts, and recent retweeted links. It also integrates with Twitter Counter, Twitter Grader, and Twitalyzer.

And TweetMeme created a plug-in for WordPress that users can embed on their blogs.

From a post on the TweetMeme Blog:

Today we are launching the really useful TweetMeme Follow Button. This feature will help you and your readers to find and follow one another on Twitter! The button has been designed for simplicity and comes in three styles as shown below. The Follow button does not redirect the user to Twitter — it instead uses the Twitter OAuth access, just like our ReTweet button.

The Follow Button also has a live counter so that you can see visually if the user is worth following just based upon the count, and it matches the style and ability of the TweetMeme ReTweet button. The Follow button also knows who you are already following and shows the + sign to remind you to add the new users that you discover through the Follow Button. After all, it is also a comfort to know yes, I am already following them, or how did I forget to follow this user? I must add them!

The button also integrates with three of the most popular Twitter user-profiling systems to provide you with some great additional user-analysis tools to help you decide whether you want to follow people.

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