Tweetlister is Twitter for Real Estate Ads

Nevermind if there is an ongoing fuzz in the “Twittersphere” due to the recent decision of Twitter to turn off the forwarding of @replies from people you don’t follow. That wouldn’t stop a new Twitter app from launching recently, and it’s called Tweetlister. Putting it simply, TweetLister is Twitter for real estate listings.If you’re a real estate broker or owner, TweetLister is a great service for you. It lets you create, post and manage all of your Twitter real estate listings in one account. The service allows you to track clicks on your listings as well as collect leads.

And you don’t even have to visit the Twitter site from time to time. The moment you login to Tweetlister using your Twitter credentials, you can stop visiting Twitter from then on. But that is of course if you use Twitter for the sole purpose of advertising your real estate holdings.

But what exactly does TweetLister does that Twitter is not doing? For one, TweetLister is definitely less noisy than Twitter. But basically it turns your listing information into Tweets, ready for posting. When those Tweets are posted depends on the schedule you set. Once your listings are already running, TweetLister tracks clicks and collect leads and allows you to even export the report in Excel format.

Best of all, TweetLister is a free service. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional real estate agent or a simple real estate owner looking to find prospective buyers for your properties, you can use TweetLister.