Tweeting Nice Things Deflates Bullies, Pass It On

Much like the story of Matt Shankles with his @Lin_Mar_Love account designed to deflate bullies, another teen has taken to Twitter with the intent of spreading kindness instead of hate – and it’s spreading like wildfire.

Is the growing popularity of these “nice” accounts a sign of things to come? We hope so.

Kevin Curwick of Osseo, Minnesota created the Twitter @OsseoNiceThings to combat mean things that were being said about classmates on Twitter. He remained anonymous for a while, but after an inquiry from a Kare 11 News he came forward and the response has been amazing.

Similar “nice” pages have been created now all around the Twin Cities and the country. . . . Curwick has received congratulatory tweets from teachers, politicians, and potential colleges.

Here are a few of the tweets:

And here’s Kevin talking about the whole thing.

Seems other schools have started similar accounts. Has yours? What are you waiting for! Start spreading “nice!”

(Bullying image from Shutterstock)