Tweeting From Home? You May Find Yourself On

By now you’ve probably seen folks tweet some pretty stupid things, from credit card pics to vacations plans – all putting them at risk to be victimized.

Have you ever thought that tweeting about being bored at home could be just as ill-advised? Well, it is. is a creepy website that shows you just how easy it is for someone to figure out where you live from your tweets. Bad news for all of us, but VERY bad news for folks who think they have anonymous accounts (although we should all know by now that no online account is EVER fully anonymous).

The site runs a live stream of tweets that is refreshed every hour and individual tweets look like this (we cropped out the link that showed you the person’s full name and linked account):

Why are they doing this? They’re showing you what could happen when you tweet with your location or check in to somewhere. And, according to TechCrunch (via an email exchange with the anonymous site owners), they’re really just trying to warn people – though Twitter didn’t seem to appreciate their “help.”

Twitter suspended their account because “we tried doing people a favour and mentioning them when they were displayed on our site, but their antispam system decided otherwise. We’re currently disputing this with them,” the email [from] read.

How does the location data get attached to a tweet? Well, you can read the technical API explanation, but the creators break it down in plain language for you as well.

See the location button circled in red, below? “If you turn this on, Twitter will send your current latitude and longitude with your tweet. Even if you accidentally press it once, it will be enabled for all subsequent tweets unless you explicitly disable it.”

Do you usually add your location to your tweets? Or do you share Foursquare check-ins and the like on Twitter? You may want to reconsider that practice!

(Location image from Shutterstock)