20 Tweeters Every Web Video Enthusiast Needs To Follow

If you can't get enough of web video, want to be the first of your friends to see the next big viral hit, enjoy staying in-the-know when it comes to YouTube updates and online video news then you've got to know who to follow on Twitter.

If you can’t get enough of web video, want to be the first of your friends to see the next big viral hit, enjoy staying in-the-know when it comes to YouTube updates and online video news then you’ve got to know who to follow on Twitter. We’ve put together a list of 20 influential tweeters that will keep you in the loop when it comes to all things web video.

Our list is split up into three separate categories, each made up of a number of influential tweeters. The categories include websites, people and news. Find out more about each Twitter user below, and get ready to do some serious following!


Following popular web video websites is a good way to stay up to date on news, announcements, statistics and popular videos and streams. Following the five Twitter users below is a must for web video enthusiasts.

YouTube – YouTube’s Twitter account keeps followers updated on everything from company blog posts, popular and must-see videos and playlists, news updates and more. They tweet about YouTube contests and events and retweet interesting YouTube-related stories from across the web.

Ustream – Do you enjoy watching live-streamed shows and events? Ustream tweets about all of the best live streams currently on air, as well as news and updates from the video streaming site.

Vimeo – If you are a fan of Vimeo’s more artistic side of web video then you should definitely follow them on Twitter. Vimeo tweets about cool videos on the site including staff picks, videos that are rising in popularity and more. They also post entries from the Vimeo blog, including info about weekend projects, meetups and more.

blip.tv – As web series increase in popularity blip.tv is growing at a pretty rapid pace, with new series being launched all the time and announcements about the company’s growth being tweeted on a regular basis. I also heard they throw some pretty sweet parties, which you won’t want to miss. J

Tubemogul – Tubemogul is a leader in video advertising and analytics. I love following Tubemogul mostly because they use their analytics platform to discover some pretty interesting statistics. Tubemogul doesn’t tweet very often, but when they do it’s always something worth reading.


Kevin NaltsKevin Nalts is a self-proclaimed “viral video genius”. He consults others on how to market themselves in the world of online video, as well as building a name for himself on YouTube. He’s also published a book called Beyond Viral about how to attract customers, promote your brand and make money with online video. Nalts’ tweets are a goldmine of great articles about web video, as well as great videos themselves.

Mark R. Robertson – Mark is the online video and marketing visionary behind Reel SEO, a website with tips and guides for online video marketers. If you are interested in learning about how to promote yourself, your company or your brand through online video than you should definitely be following Mark.

Ryan Lawler – Ryan Lawler is the editor at GigaOM’s video site NewTeeVee. He basically lives and breathes online video, so if you do too he’s a great guy to follow.

Zadi Diaz – Zadi Diaz is a pioneer in the world of web video, with two Webby Awards and two Streamy Awards under her belt as a new media producer, and director in the web video world, and over 19,000 followers on Twitter. Will you be her next follower?

Steve GarfieldSteve Garfield is the author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business and also hosts his own show, SteveGarfield.tv, on the Pulse Network. He is a great guy to follow for anyone interested in finding out more about web video and its use as a marketing too.

Jim Louderback – Jim is the CEO of Revision3, leading online television network, featuring tons of great web series and online shows. He’s got some outspoken opinions about viral video a lot to say about web video as a whole. Definitely a must-follow.

Michael Buckley – Michael Buckley, host of the What The Buck? show on YouTube is one of YouTube’s most influential partners. Follow him on Twitter to find out about his new videos and other interesting YouTube-related news. He’s also really good at responding to fan tweets, so if you’re a Michael Buckley fanatic, Twitter is a good place to let him know what you think of him, and maybe you’ll even hear something back!

iJustine – iJustine is another one of the most popular YouTube partners. You can follow her to stay up-to-date on all her newest videos, as well as what’s going on in her life.

Charles TrippyCharles Trippy is another influential YouTube partner on Twitter. He’s been making videos on YouTube for years and has paved his way to the top. I find reading his tweets an interesting way to get some insight into what it’s like to live and breathe YouTube.

Kassem G – Here’s another influential YouTuber on Twitter for ya. Kassem G is simply hilarious, and therefore you should follow him.


Unleash Video Unleash Video is a video entertainment sharing website. On their Twitter account they tweet about videos and news from their website, but they also tweet about general news in the online video space and they always have something interesting to share.

Web Series Today – If you enjoy web series then Web Series Today is definitely a must-follow. Web Series Today tweets about the web’s top video series and is the best source for unfiltered web series information online.

Viral Video Chart – If you love being the first of your friends to know about the latest viral video hits then Viral Video Chart is the Tweeter to follow. Viral Video Chart tweets about all the latest and most popular viral videos on the web.

Viral Viral VideosViral Viral Videos is also a great source, tweeting about viral videos as they go viral.

Web Video News – Finally, Web Video News is a great source for online and web video news, research and trends, compiling news from a variety of different sources across the web.

Who do you follow for your web video news on Twitter? If you see that we’ve left anyone out, be sure to let us know about them in the comments!