TweetDeck v0.33 Debuts

TweetDeck v0.33 is now available, and the latest version of the third-party Twitter client adds features including: taking advantage of Twitter’s increased application-program-interface rate limit via OAuth; Column Navigator, which allows users to navigate around columns by clicking and offers information about each column to users who hover over them; the ability to view more videos and photos directly via TweetDeck; and easier editing of search columns.

Community manager Richard Barley said in a post on the TweetDeck Blog:

We are delighted to announce that TweetDeck v0.33 accesses the API using OAuth in the background and can thus take advantage of this increased API limit. At the time of writing this post, the new limit is 350 calls per hour, but this is expected to increase further soon.

Enter the Column Navigator. This handy new feature, nestled in the previously empty space at the bottom of the screen, shows a representation of all your columns and allows you to navigate around them quickly by simply clicking.

Hovering over a bar in the navigator also shows some key information such as the time remaining before this column refreshes and the current level of API calls remaining.

Clicking on links to YouTube videos will now show the video in a TweetDeck preview window. Flickr image links will also now open in a preview, along with pictures from Posterous, Mobypicture, and Twitgoo.

And we have added Mobypicture to the list of available image-upload services, giving you even more choice for sharing your favorite photos.

Your browser just became a little bit more redundant…

Not only are we continuing to innovate on the desktop and iPhone, ensuring that you always have the best client around, but we are also progressing our plans for branching out into other mobile platforms. We are expanding our team (more news of that in a later post) and we are well on track to be appearing on several new devices soon.