Tweetdeck’s New Column Filters Help You Sort Twitter Noise

Ever try to follow a #hashtag chat and get annoyed by certain folks posting irrelevant tweets that muck up the stream?

Tweetdeck now offers a way for you to wash that junk right out of your feed, with column filters.

When you want to follow a #techchat and one person keeps posting spammy “best SEO links here!” tweets and the conversation just isn’t about SEO – or there’s a #techchat Shorty category and you really could care less, you’ll be happy you have Tweetdeck’s new column filters handy.

These filters make it easier for you to find the exact content you’re looking for — be it Tweets and certain words or phrases, or images and videos.

These [column filters] allow you to show or exclude specific words and phrases from a TweetDeck column –– especially useful when you want to focus on a particular element of a column. You can also choose to view only Tweets that contain media (images and/or video).

To access the filters, click on the edit button at the top right of any column. From here, the edit panel slides down and the filters are shown as below.

Pretty handy features, hmm?

And Tweetdeck (for some reason) mentions in the blog post announcing this update, that they’ve been making LOTS of updates in the last 24 weeks – and this is just the latest of many. 24 weeks. Hmm. Maybe it’s like a baby thing when parents’ refuse to use years instead of months?

Regardless – are you on team Tweetdeck or Hootsuite? And why?

(Bird image from Shutterstock)