Tweetcaster Pro Is Today’s Free Android App From Amazon

Todd has written previously about the popularity of Amazon’s free Android app of the day promotions that are part of their Android AppStore. I’ve grown accustom to checking the Amazon store each morning, but in most cases they have been providing games that I am not too interested in. Today, however, Amazon is providing Tweetcaster Premium, which is a Twitter app from Handmark.

When I check out a Twitter app on my phone, I first look to see how legibly it displays tweets. I don’t want too large of a font size to be used so that few tweets display on the screen, but the font size should not be so small that it is difficult to read. The default font size in Tweetcaster is small and I find that perfectly readable while displaying about three or four tweets at a time on the screen. You have the ability to increase the font size to medium and large.

My next criteria is whether the Twitter app displays the lists that I follow. Many mobile Twitter apps only display the lists that one creates. Tweetcaster provides the ability to display the Lists I Follow, My Lists, and Lists Following Me. Another feature that I like about Tweetcaster is that it provides easy access to your Favorites, which I use to flag tweets that I want to refer to for future reference.

I follow several different saved searches, and one of the things I don’t like is that Tweetcaster doesn’t provide an easy way to directly access saved searches from the timeline portion of the app, instead, you access saved searches from the home screen. Fortunately, Tweetcaster provides full access to all of your saved searches.

My final criterias has to do with posting tweets. Tweetcaster gets points for making it easy to enter the names of people who I follow in tweets, but loses points for not providing an easy way to enter existing hashtags. I’ve seen apps that automatically suggest hashtags based on the first few letters typed, which really speeds up entry. Tweetcaster does automatically shorten URLS that you enter.

Overall, I think Tweetcaster is a good Twitter app that is certainly worth the free price that you can get it for today from Amazon. It has some features that I like, and a few that I don’t like, which makes it a hard buy for me at its regular price in comparison with other Twitter apps like Seesmic.