Who Will You Vote For? Tweetcast Knows. Maybe.

Unsure of who to vote for in tomorrow’s U.S. Presidential election? Well, as we mentioned before: you are what you tweet! And Tweetcast may just know your mind better than you do!

Either way, it claims to predict how you’ll vote based on your tweets.

Claiming to offer 80% accuracy (if you’re ‘political’ and 65% accuracy if you’re not), this “political Guess Your Weight game” predicts who you are likely to vote for based entirely on your tweet data.

“The technology observes people on Twitter who we know support Obama or Romney and runs algorithms that find patterns in their Twitter activity,” said Shawn O’Banion, a Northwestern University Ph.D. student who created the technology with Larry Birnbaum, a Knight Lab co-founder and professor of computer science at the McCormick School of Engineering.

“That initial observation allows us to predict the behavior of ‘unknowns,’ or users who we have not already observed and who we do not know to be on one side or the other,” O’Banion said.

Tweetcast “tracks words, @-mentions, hashtags and links in the Twitter feeds of known political supporters and compares those to the same elements in the feeds of other potential voters. The greater the similarity between the two, the more likely they are to support the same candidate,” O’Banion said.

Check it out and let us know if it accurately predicts YOUR choice!
(Voting image from Shutterstock)