Awesome Twitter Giveaways: Sports Tickets, iPads, Cars And More

Twitter contests and tweetaways are more popular than ever before, with brands and bloggers auctioning off everything from tickets to hotel stays to their Twitter followers.

We’ve written before about some of the most extreme Twitter giveaways: back in June, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave away a house to his three millionth Twitter follower, and in April William Shatner treated his millionth follower to dinner in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dinner with a celebrity? A HOUSE? We’ll take either, gladly.

But in lieu of one of those two options, there is also more realistic swag to be had.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most surprising and impressive things people have won through Twitter, that you could win too:

-From @JohnCartner, a BluRay John Carter DVD by being one of the first 50 people to answer a trivia question
-From @Amazon, $100 gift card to
-From Colts owner @JimIrsay, a brand new Toyota Prius
-From @Genesis_Tech, an iPad
-From @popsugar, a Tory Burch purse and Christian Louboutin designer Barbie doll
-From @toshiba, a Toshiba laptop
-From @viptickets, two Dodgers field tickets

A few tips for finding Twitter contests to enter: visit Contests’ Sweepstakes Forum to find a list of current Twitter contests; follow @ContestsGuide on Twitter; use Twitter Search to look for people tweeting about contests; search on Google.

Have you ever won a prize from a Twitter giveaway?

(Gifts image from Shutterstock)