Tweet Your Wishes At Barneys NYC, And They’ll End Up In A “Gaga Constellation” On Display

Well, this is just about as creative as it gets with Twitter. Holiday shoppers who walk by Barneys Madison Avenue this season will see an interactive window display that combines the best of Twitter, Lady Gaga and…stardust.

The Science Project has put together a window display that might just take the crown this holiday season.

Shoppers can get their tweets onto the big screen by wishing on a star – that’s made of Lada Gaga dust. The Barneys window on Madison Avenue features an installation titled “Gaga Constellation”, and after watching a wild display of Gaga in space, unicorns and stardust, anyone passing by can tweet their wish to the installation and instantly see it written in the stars.

The CG film that plays at the beginning of the installation features Lady Gaga being formed from stars and interstellar particles, morphing into white unicorns, and then fading into the tweeted wishes of shoppers.

Using the hashtag #gagastars, anyone can get their tweets next to an out-of-this-world Gaga as part of the massive 12 by 6.5 foot laser display.

The Science Project’’s chief of strategy Jeremy Bergstein discusses all of the parties that came together to make this project a reality:

“We’’re always exploring ways to add digital to the shopping experience, and in this case we were delighted that Q4 brought to us the opportunity to work with Formichetti, Lady Gaga and Barneys to create a solution that is simple, poignant and social. “Each tweet is a little love letter –to New York, to Lady Gaga, to the holidays and to the revelry and hope they represent.””

If you’d like to see your tweet not only in lights but written in the stars, why not take a stroll down to Barneys Madison Avenue? And if you’re able to catch a pic of your own tweet on the screen, share it with us at @alltwtr!