Tweet what you eat using FoodFeed, yummy!

It looks like we here at Rotorblog are the ones who can’t seem to get enough of Twitter. If the 10 Twitter apps I listed a couple of days ago made want more apps, Andrew has just posted about how you can track your packages using Twitter. If you want more, here’s another one which lets you tweet what you eat, FoodFeed.

I know it may sound ridiculous, but knowing what your friends can actually be useful. If you are planning to shed some pounds, some of your friends who are into dieting might help if those friends are into Twitter as well, and better yet if they are using FoodFeed. Can you imagine the potential of FoodFeed into making us all healthy or unhealthy? I’m just exaggerating.

But hey, FoodFeed can actually be a fun application, especially if you’ve got many friends using it. To get you started, just visit FoodFeed >> register your twitter account >> post your first food-that-i-eat-tweet > and wait for 5 minutes before it starts appearing on your FoodFeed account.

Sounds yummy? We just got to love Twitter really.