The Erick Erickson Tweet That Blew a Gasket

When the clock struck 6:39 p.m. last night, RedState Editor and Fox News Contributor Erick Erickson released a tweet that would draw mountains of hate from lefties his way. Before he did it, he released Bible verses. Some 171 retweets and 87 favorites later, was it worth it?

The tweet that blew a gasket:

Asked whether he regrets his remark, Erickson told FishbowlDC: “I think the blowback certainly has to make me reconsider whether it was wise to do at that time. And I probably should have waited, though I think the senator who raced to the floor to make it about global warming set a very high bar for politicization that I did not reach. The reality though is had I tweeted that today, tomorrow, or next week the accusations would be the same though not as intense.”

Do the obscenely negative responses affect him? “I’m used to it,” he wrote by email. “It also highlights just how angry some people are — to an irrational level of anger. You can disagree with and be offended by that tweet, but I’m not sure how it makes me evil, racist, or not a Christian.”

Erickson pointed to another tweet that also sparked hatred. It came from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palinand involved prayer. “Honestly, what stuck out more to me was Sarah Palin’s tweet praying for the people of Oklahoma,” he wrote. “I pulled it up to retweet it and on my Twitter app, right after she’d done it , the app showed the first response to her from someone was ‘shut up you bitch.’ Amazing.”

Also amazing to Erickson was this: “The people fixated on that tweet ignored the many dozen others I tweeted or retweeted encouraging people to pray and donate to relief efforts.” In conclusion, he said, “Odd for me to say given my job, but I’m more and more convinced that the 24 hour news cycle focused on tragedy outside anyone’s control is just not helpful for people’s well being.”

And the 8 best in worst reactions to Erickson’s remark…

The Moralist

8. “@EWErickson is just as disgusting as someone who murdered babies.”

On the Peace Train…

7. “@EWErickson I would love to break your face, of course, you’re probably as much of a coward as you are a fucking puke partisan hack.”

The Psychologist

6. “@EWErickson Only someone who hates himself this much seeks attention with the BS you put out. VILE human being.”

The Campaign Aide

5. “@EWErickson You are exactly what my mother had in mind when she talked about “white” trash. Yep, that’s YOU!” — Kathy Randall, whose bio reads: “Former campaign aide to Obama. Former reporter. Political commentator. WARNING: VERY liberal. 3 col. degrees. Pt time actress. Animal lover. #Snarky at times.”

Comic Relief

4. “@EWErickson You sir are a living reason for the use of condoms. Something your father should have used to have prevented your conception!”

Irony personified…

3. “@EWErickson Your heart is a lump of black charred coal. All you think about is getting in your cheap shots. You are not even human.” — Walking on Sunshine (no joke).

Drama Queen

2. “@EWErickson burn in hell. 51 people died. 24 kids. And here you are making jokes about it. I’m ashamed I breath [sic] the same air as you.”

Points for creativity.

1. “@EWErickson To be fair, you are a shit headed shit eating ass wipe. Come on, be a big boy, admit and try to do better.”