Tweet Stats Reveal Twitter Users Habits

tweet_statsAre you a metricholic? If numbers and traffic are your thing, and a good graph gets you off, you’ll probably be interested in Tweet Stats.

Developed and coded by Damon Cortesi, the tool lets you research and analyze how you – and your favorite Twitterazzi – are utilizing the microblog.All you do is enter in your Twitter name and graphs are displayed. As you can see from my chart, I’m a sporadic Twitter. I was all into it at the beginning and then lost interest – quickly! Sounds like many of my relationships…

Stats are updated every eight hours and will reveal Web vs. text posts, hourly tweets, daily tweets and an all-time timeline

The question becomes: Is any of this information useful? For example, Robert Scoble tweets about 50 times per day. Woo hoo!

Do I really want to know when an active Twitter is sleeping? Probably not. There might be some other uses for Tweet Stats. Help me out. What are they?

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