A Tweet, Selfie and Instagram Video Just Broke That US Airways News

'So my plane just crashed ...'

A US Airways plane en route to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Thursday evening blew a tire while trying to take off from the Philadelphia International Airport, and though the aircraft won’t be taking to the skies anytime soon, news of the accident has already circled the globe.

In a sign of the times, one Twitter user who goes by the handle "skip" immediately began tweeting out photos of the cantilevered jet. One picture was, of course, a selfie, which was preceded by the message "So my plane just crashed …"

The situation was developing, though ABC News reported via Twitter that only one passenger was in need of medical assistance following the crash. And US Airways tweeted that those booked on Flight 1702 will be headed to Florida later tonight on a different plane.

The development was also reported by US Airways passenger Dennis Fee via a Facebook post and with Instagram video (below), which was obtained by ABC. Additionally, scroll down to see "skip's" tweets and Twitter reactions.