Send A Tweet To Get The Most Relevant Trending Images In An Instant

If you’re looking for a way to find the most relevant, trending images on Twitter – fast, we have a solution for you.

All it takes is having a targeted keyword in mind and sending a tweet with that keyword to this Twitter.

@FeedMeGetty is a new service launched my Getty Images this week and it’s pretty fantastic – especially if you’re looking for a unique, yet relevant image. All you need to do is tweet a keyword to this Twitter and it responds immediately with your image.


And it isn’t a run’of-the-mill image you’ll get back either. My request for a “Twitter” image came back with a photo of Brian McKnight being joined by a Twitter follower on stage:

And that brings us to the next point about this – the images it returns aren’t free. As you can see (if you click my tweet above), you’re sent to the Getty page where you can purchase the images. (And you definitely want to purchase images rather than screenshot and share them. Check out our earlier post if you don’t know why).

Mashable reports “‘The Feed by Getty Images,’ piggybacks off Twitter‘s API to identify trending topics on social media then push out Getty photos that match those conversations.”

For major news, sports and entertainment in particular, this could launch a much more powerful presence for and greater awareness of Getty on social media. . . . [On Twitter], the company will post images of trending topics each hour, then increase that output when major news breaks or big events take place.

Yvonne Chien, the company’s senior vice president of marketing told Mashable that “the project has been in the works for four months, and that it will likely soon expand to include video and additional social platforms.”

So try it out and spice up those visuals!

(Dramatic image from Shutterstock)