Five Habits To Help Yourself Tweet Once Per Day

In recent years Twitter has been accepted as a legitimate tool to help people connect with like-minded individuals. For many people, that first Twitter account starts as a one-way activity where a person just follows their favorite people to see what they have to say.

However, at some point people realize they want to use Twitter to broadcast their own ideas. Whether it’s short jokes or quotes, or ideas they want to share with the world, people start posting an idea or two. This goes on for a week, but usually peters off because it’s difficult to get new followers on Twitter unless you’re a big celebrity.

However, one of the common attributes of successful Twitter personalities is consistency. Develop a rhythm of steady posts and people will be more likely to tune in. With that in mind, here are 5 habits to help yourself tweet once a day.

1) Use the HootSuite Bookmarklet
The HootSuite Bookmarklet is a browser add-on that allows you to post a Tweet from whatever page you’re on. It’s a quick way to share a link, as the tool will immediately shrink your links so they fit well on a Tweet. The tool is also useful as a quick way to post a tweet about any subject – I am often inspired at random times during browsing and it’s easy to just click the tool and post a tweet about any subject you like and just delete the link.

2) Use Buffer and Buffer a few Tweets
If you know you’re going to be busy for a few days, use the Buffer tool to schedule a few tweets in advance. As long as you push yourself to give thought to the tweets ahead of time, you will get in that rhythm. It also helps to know that you can take a break without breaking your streak.

3) Five ideas every morning
“Morning pages” is one of the ideas typically given to aspiring writers which forces them to just put down their ideas first thing in the morning. By taking out the filter and just writing down whatever comes to mind, the process can trigger new areas of creativity and might help you craft that tweet that goes viral! In any case, you’ll at least have the one necessary to keep your one-a-day going.

4) Have a great stream
If you’re trying to craft a tweet every day, it is helpful to be up to date on current events. Many popular comedian Twitter accounts are extremely topical, commenting on events with punchlines only seconds after the event occurs. To be up to date, you need to have a great stream of information. Use tools like Feedly to assemble RSS feeds of your favorite news sources and use HootSuite to develop a series of streams based on your favorite topics.

5) Do it with a friend
When people are quitting bad habits, it’s often said it is helpful to tell a friend who can be there to encourage you as you get through it. The same can be said of building good habits. Try building a little coop-etition with a friend by both agreeing to post a Tweet a day.

(Calendar image via Shutterstock)