Tweet Your ‘Best Hero’ Vote For MTV Movie Awards

This Sunday, June 3, Russel Brand will be hosting MTV’s 2012 Movie Awards. It’s sure to be full of hilarious hijinks – or completely annoying depending on what kind of comedy you like.

One thing that’s new and will be interesting to watch, is the Twitter voting segment that MTV seems to be testing out. While monitoring buzz on social networks is certainly nothing new, picking an award winner purely on Twitter votes is fairly cutting edge . . . and little whacky.

Offering “the first ever social voting category,” MTV Movie Awards is asking folks to cast their vote via Twitter for the ‘best hero’ award.

Best Hero celebrates the most kickass conquerors on the big screen, honoring cinematic stars whose superhero smack downs are marked with distinguished courage and nobility.

And here are the contestants:

According the to the award show’s Twitter tracker, Harry Potter is in the lead as of this posting, with Katniss Everdeen coming up a close second. Voting will continue during the show, so an upset is possible depending on contestants’ social media savvy. #VoteKatniss supporters are all over the challenge and may just pull out a win in the Potter camp isn’t careful!

So will you vote for Harry, Katniss, Captain America, Thor or Jenko? Or maybe you’re just not interested in voting for your favorite hero at all. Here are the other categories, in case you wanted to vote for any of those (click the image to go to the page):

Learn more about the show, the presenters and entertainers scheduled to perform here.

Will you be watching? Who do you think will win ‘best hero?’

(Check-box people image from Shutterstock)