Want To Know Exactly Who’s Sharing Your Content On Twitter? The Quickest Way To Find Out

If you update a blog or any kind of website that publishes new content on a regular basis, adding the official Twitter button to your articles is a great way to let people easily share your stuff.

Even better, the button keeps a numerical tally of all the times that your item has been shared, which provides a fantastic indication of how well your work has been received, as well as an always-welcome massage for the ego.

But what if you want to know exactly who has been tweeting your stuff – how do you do that? Easy: just click on the number.

If you click on the Tweet part of the Twitter button, you get a little pop-up window that allows you to quickly send that content to your Twitter profile, giving you the option to modify if necessary.

But you click on the number to the right of the button, a Twitter search will open in a new window that will immediately show you every profile that has shared that piece of content.

Even better (and as we wrote about before), Twitter search is smart enough to look inside any shortened URL for the longer link inside. So your results could be something like this:

Of course, this method is only of benefit to people who have the Twitter button installed on their website. I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want visitors to be able to instantly share your publications with over 200 million people, so if this sounds like something you’d enjoy, click here to learn more.