How To Analyze And Organize Your Hashtags For Free [VIDEO]

Twitter is fantastic for making new connections and having crowd-sourced, quick conversations on various topics. The trouble comes when you want to DO something with the data.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to organize #hashtagged conversations in a folder or, better yet, and interactive and easy to manipulate series of binders?

You guessed it – there’s a place to do just that. And put that credit card away, smart shopper, because it’s FREE.

Tweet Binder was created to solve two problems: content curation and statistics. Yes, we will explain further.

Curation: It lets you sort hashtagged tweets into categories (binders), so you can easily organize tweets from your event (or whatever you’ve hashtagged) depending on the criteria you create. And in each binder, tweets are divided into pictures, links, text only tweets, check-ins and retweets, so you can get as granular as one could possibly want.

For example, I took a look at the hashtag #happy and broke it out into a few categories:

Statistics/Analytics: Tweet Binder offers global stats of the hashtag (impact, reach, etc.) as well as stats on every category, so you can see which categories (sub-sections of your hashtag) performed the best overall.

To continue with my example, #happy looks like this:

Why create binders/categories? It helps you zoom in on important tweets. Many people use Tweet Binder only to Analyze a hashtag, without sorting tweets, while others use it to read tweets creating binders.

How far back can you search with this service?

Tweet Binder can only go back at far as the Twitter API lets them (for a free service): 6 days. To get older tweets, they’ll be offering a premium service for a price, but six days should be more than enough data to analyze an event you just had – you’ll just need to be a nimble little ninja and stop procrastinating.

But as an FYI, the premium service will not only include access to older tweets, you’ll also get streaming and customization of the (somewhat static) public reports available to free folks – and more (to be announced).

They’re a new service, but they’re very focused on customer service – so if you experience a glitch, be sure to reach out to their friendly team.

This is one site you definitely want to explore though, trust me. Watch the video to learn more:

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