Tweet Advice To New Grads, Using #DearGrads

Tis the season for young souls to be released from their college constraints and fly free into the word – full of hope and possibility. And a Kansas City paper had the great idea of encouraging local folks to tweet pearls of wisdom to these new graduates using the #DearGrads hashtag.

We’ll be sharing some of their well-intentioned advice – and, of course, adding a few others. And we’d like to know: What 140 character bit of advice would YOU give to these new grads?

Kansas City Lifestyle challenged “top” Kansas City Twitter users to craft tweet-length graduation speeches, so they would be “short, sweet and to the point.”

Here are a few of the tweets one would expect:


And here a few favorites with some offbeat “advice:”

And, most importantly:

What would YOU advise these eager students? Tweet it out using the #DearGrads hashtag.

(Image from Shutterstock)

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