Tweet about a favorite teacher, get $50 (or more) for Mediabistro courses

It’s back-to-school season, and because Mediabistro’s core is education, the site has a timely contest this week that just involves telling the Twittersphere about a favorite teacher. Why’s that worthy of a post here? Well, teachers rock, but so does the contest— one tweet and you get $50 credit towards a course class useful for your digital storytelling.

So you win. Automatically. And can learn more stuff.

Also, if your tweet is the best, you get an entirely free course. In-person or online.

Anyone with a Twitter account who participates with a 140 character or less story about a teacher gets a $50 credit toward any Mediabistro course (they’ll DM you the promo code, which means you need to follow @Mediabistro, too). The top five best tweets get $100 credit toward any Mediabistro course. And again, the winner gets a free Mediabistro course.

Who doesn’t like free?

To participate, all you have to do is tweet @mediabistro and include #teacherstory. Include that story about your favorite teacher or best teacher experience.

Who doesn’t like teachers?

This goes through Friday. Here are the full rules.

And because we like lists here at 10,000 Words, here are three courses that may be appealing after you share your #teacherstory:

1) Boot Camp for Journalists
2) Intro to Multimedia Journalism

3) Social Media Marketing Boot Camp
For good measure, here’s my contribution below. I loved my freshman and senior year anthropology professor. She opened up my mind in lovely way, teaching me to both be critical of everything and to enjoy everything. However silly this simple statement sounds, it’s true: she taught me that people are interesting.