Tweeple Film Awards Recognizes the Best in Bollywood, on Twitter

Bollywood is embracing Twitter, in an award show that will replace votes with tweets and mini statuettes with hoards of followers. The Tweeple Film Awards is designed to recognize the best in Hindi film over the past year, and aims to provide transparency using social media in an industry that is typically plagued with celebrity pandering, hidden voting processes and even rigged results.

The official Twitter account for the Tweeple Film Awards bills itself as an award ceremony “Of the Tweeple, For the Tweeple, By The Tweeple”. It was born on January 1st, 2011, and has since amassed more than 1,800 followers.

A group of Twitter users, bloggers and movie buffs came together in December and early January to discuss the state of Bollywood. Many agreed that the official Bollywood film award ceremonies pandered to celebrities rather than awarded artists, so they decided to create an independent, transparent award ceremony of their own – and thus the Tweeple Film Awards were born.

CNNGo reports that Nikhil Taneja, editor,, one of the pioneers of the Twi Fi Awards, saw the faults in the official ceremonies as an opportunity to start his own:

“My rant about stars being nominated whereas actors and artistes were ignored; box office blockbusters making their presence felt in the nominations even though deserving cinema didn’t find any space, got me so many responses on Twitter that in the heat of the moment I decided to start our own awards.”

The rules and regulations of this new film award body were created mostly through discussions on Twitter. The jury will be made up of a panel of 30 expert critics as well as 30 film buffs, as voted in by the Twitterverse. And the organizers are having Tweetups to plan the on-the-ground ceremonies when all is said and done.

This independent Bollywood film award body was created on Twitter, and we expect it will largely stay a Twitter-centric initiative. It will be interesting to see how the Twitterverse rates Bollywood’s hottest stars compared to the official awards ceremonies later in the year.