Introducing Tweephone – The World’s First Analogue Twitter Client [VIDEO]

Modern, sophisticated Twitter applications like Twitter for iPhone, HootSuite and TweetBot are all well and good, but if you want to do your tweeting old school, where do you go?

Enter Tweephone, the world’s first analogue Twitter client.

Tweephone is built using an old rotary handset, running on the Arduino electronics platform.

Sending a tweet with Tweephone is simplicity itself. First, pick up the phone to activate. You enter characters for your message using the rotary dial, in a similar way to how you select letters on a mobile phone – for example, to get the letter A, simply dial the number 2 once. To get B, dial it twice, and so on. Once you’re happy with your message, hang up the phone to send the tweet.

Confused? Check out this video.

Tweets are sent to the @tweephone account on Twitter, and you can see the message that was sent in the video above here.

Okay, so it might not be as smooth and quick a process as using Twitter on your iPhone, but this should tick many boxes for those of you who enjoy all things retro.

(Top image credit: Elena Terletskaya via Shutterstock.)