Tweeght Seeks the Meaning of Twitter

Tweeght is a new site that is a lot like Twitter, but is focused on enriching people’s lives with tweets published through its site. But what does that really mean for you? Share quotes, thoughts, or ideas–something Plinky is also moving towards. Express how you feel about someone else’s thoughtful tweet by voting it up or down. Find out who the most influential Twitter users are by checking the leader board. In essence, Tweeght is Twitter plus Pownce (without the multimedia) plus Digg.

And instead of competing with Twitter by building out its own community, Tweeght has just leveraged an existing Twitter API in order to enable Twitter users to submit their contributions directly through Twitter (that includes mobile updates as well). This encourages users to participate by making it that much easier to contribute–just sign in with your existing Twitter credentials.

There are a number of actions you can take on Tweeght that let you take part in this ever-shifting Twitter community. You can reply to a tweet directly on Tweeght, or retweet it in the same manner. You can also vote a tweet up or down, which ultimately determines what the top tweets are and who the top users are on Tweeght.

The site also offers some basic info on Twitter users, which all appears to be taken from the profile section of that Twitterer. Seeing as Tweeght has leader boards and a People section, it’s easy enough to find users that you may be interested in following or interacting with, based on their contributions to Tweeght. And that’s the point.

Tweeght also encourages you to tag your tweets (i.e. #thought, #quote), which makes it even easier to collect all the thoughtful and meaningful tweets floating around out there. The hashtag tagging also makes it easier for you to contribute your thoughts, as this doesn’t require any specific interaction with the Tweeght site or service itself.

Looking around at Tweeght’s site, however, and I can’t help but wonder if the tagging isn’t a monetization option for Tweeght later on down the line. Every week Tweeght promotes a featured keyword, which refers to a book or a public figure.

This highly encourages interactive discussions of various topics, effectively building out Twitter and Tweeght’s community capabilities around given points of interest. But this could also become a sponsored option for Tweeght, where brands pay the service in order to promote their own book (or product, should Tweeght branch out) where they get to raise awareness and do some market research in the process.