On Twitter, Men Are Retweeted Far More Than Women (And You’re Probably Sexist, Too)

Social media is dominated by women, and Twitter is no exception, but it appears that when it comes to sharing information on our favourite micro-blogging network, men are far more likely to be retweeted than women.

Yep, that’s right. Twitter has a gender bias. And there’s every chance that you have one, too.

A new tool called Twee-Q (“Twitter Equality Quotient”) lets you scan the Twitter profile of any user to determine the frequency that they retweet men and women on the network. The higher the Twee-Q, the better they did, inasmuch as how equally they retweet, with a 10 being the perfect Twee-Q score.

Throughout Twitter, the results are both conclusive and pretty shocking – over more than 11,000 tests, and almost half a million retweets, men have been retweeted almost twice as often as women, with close to 63 percent of all retweets those of male users.

And such blatant sexism is not just limited to everyday folk, either. Check out these chauvinist pigs.

Still, those guys are dream dates compared to my score. According to Twee-Q, I only retweet women five per cent of the time. Five per cent! Which rates my Twee-Q at a horrendous 0.6.

Still, I have a decent excuse – my wife follows me on Twitter. I barely retweet anybody, let alone the ladies. I don’t even follow any women. IT WASN’T ME!

Find your own score (and excuse) here, and hit the comments to let us know how you did. Certainly, questions can be raised about the accuracy of such a system, as you don’t specify your gender in your Twitter profile, so some guesswork must be incorporated in the Twee-Q algorithm.

Still, I’m curious to see if there’s anyone more despicable than me.