Twee | Flea | Bacony

YouTube: The ‘Brooklyn Bridge Song,’ by Sxip Shirey, is just what you expected if what you expected was sort of the love child of Sufjan Stevens and Cat Power. And little Twitter birds.
TONY: Get to know the best flea markets in New York City instead of merely become overly familiar with its flea-ridden denizens.
The Awl: Some swine attacked a cartoon critter. At Six Flags and, shockingly, not at Chuck E. Cheese’s.
UnBeige: Transformers 3 is wrapping up its mission to add even more artistic flair to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Think of the movie film oeuvre as Futurism meets a pile of money meets a wet turd wrapped in tinfoil.
FishbowlDC: C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman knows how to party.