TVibes Video Sharing, Discovery App Launches on iOS

The TVibes app allows users to share videos of their lives with others, and discover new content based on hashtag or location.

TVibes has launched its personal video app on iOS worldwide, giving users access to a ‘video channel’ in the cloud. TVibes allows users to share any and all moments from their lives with friends, family or the general public, with a focus on greater privacy settings than those on other video networks.

With TVibes, users upload all of their video content to a single channel, but depending on their privacy settings, only specific individuals, or circles, will be able to watch any individual item. As examples, a video of one’s children may be set to the ‘family’ privacy circle, while a video from a concert could be made entirely public.

At launch, the app offers privacy circles for ‘soulmates,’ ‘family,’ ‘friends’ and ‘everyone.’ Those in the soulmates circle should be users who are the absolute closest to the uploader, as they will be able to view every piece of content the user uploads. The family circle can view content from the other three circles (family, friends and everyone), but not soulmates, while friends can only see items posted in the friends and everyone circles. Finally, videos in the everyone circle are public.

As a social video discovery platform, users can follow others, or follow specific locations and hashtags. These hashtags and places have channels as well, allowing users to browse the public videos shared using those hashtags or from those locations. When viewing another creator’s profile, viewers can check out a list of the users following them, and the users, hashtags and locations the creator follows.

As users follow creators, hashtags or locations, they can turn on notifications for each individual channel to receive a notice when new content is available.

While recording a video with TVibes, users must choose the privacy setting before recording, and can pause in the middle of a session, only to pick up the recording again later. Users can also upload videos from their camera roll via the app’s settings menu.

In a statement, Uri Schneider, CEO and co-founder of TVibes, commented:

The current mobile video experience is broken. There are multiple apps and platforms available, but surprisingly, there isn’t one video-only platform which makes the whole process of taking, storing and sharing high-quality videos with a select group easy. This means that a lot of people who take video on a daily basis don’t end up doing anything with it, becoming ‘non-sharers’ of mobile video. TVibes was developed as a solution for this group of people.

TVibes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.