TVEyes Turns Eyes Toward Social Networks, Blogs, Print

TVEyes recently added monitoring of social-networking site such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as blogs and print publications’ Internet content, to its already-existing Media Monitoring Suite service, which provides real-time search and monitoring of television and radio.

When asked how Media Monitoring Suite manages to sift through the mountains of content available on social-networking sites and blogs to find relevant material, president and CEO David J. Ives said:

Our goal is identify the most important influencers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. On Twitter and YouTube, we are able to determine who has the most followers (Twitter) or subscribers (YouTube) and push those threads to the top of the queue for our customers to see. Additionally, we look at the intensity of similar threads or comments and push those highly redundant comments toward the top—they often indicate breaking news or, at least, very hot topics.

Facebook is a bit more challenging and, for now, we are giving more weight to those Facebook profiles that are public and have significant traffic.

We will soon be adding cool analytics tools to allow a user to easily track stories as they move from Twitter to blogs to print and, finally, to TV.

On the reason TVEyes decided to move into the social-media, blogging and print space, Ives added:

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blogs and the online presences of traditional print media are changing the fundamental nature of how we perceive news and engage in social and political commentary. Corporate communicators, public-relations professionals and those in government need a new set of tools to stay on top of events, issues and trends in consumer attitudes. TVEyes uniquely brings together the monitoring and search of traditional and emerging media to make it possible to get this vital insight in real-time—all on one platform.

When we say that our service is unlimited, we mean it. We never set usage limits, nor do we charge per-clip fees. Most clients who move to TVEyes from competitive solutions find that they gain capability and reduce costs, and that has contributed to our consistent and profitable growth over the last few years.