58 Percent Of People Would Rather Give Up Social Networks Than Their TVs [INFOGRAPHIC]

As much as we are a tweet- and status update-addicted society, we’d give up our social networks if we had to, especially if it meant saving our TVs.

A new study suggests that people still love their TVs more than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest, choosing to save the tube and ditch the networks if they had to.

The survey comes to us from polling firm Ipsos Reid, and asked 19,271 people around the world what they would do if faced with an ultimatum: no more TV or no more social networking.

58 percent of people around the world said they would choose to keep their TV and ditch social media if it came down to it.

And North Americans are more attached to their TVs than the rest of the world, with 73 percent choosing to give up social in favor of TV. Europeans also favor their TVs, with 66 percent making the same decision.

But countries in the Middle East and BRIC countries take the other option, with 54 and 58 percent respectively choosing to hold on to social media.

And among the under-35 crowd, people around the world are split 50/50 as to which media they’d save if they could choose only one.

Perhaps TV is losing its hold on youth (who probably watch more YouTube videos than TV shows, anyway), but the old stalwart isn’t going down without a fight.

Take a look at the below infographic from Ipsos Reid that shows how fond we are of our TVs and of our social networks:

(Man hugging TV image via Shutterstock)