TV People Act Like Children

HBO’s Bill Maher on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly:

    “Fox doesn’t want Bill or any of their people to do my show. And some of the people who we would like to have on our show, like Sean Hannity — I’ve done his show many, many times, but he’s never done my show. I understand that. They’re afraid they’ll get eaten alive.

Fox News’ response:

    “The truth is, he has no ratings, and we tend to steer clear of shows that lack buzz.”

And then NBC news president Steve Capus criticized O’Reilly‘s criticism of NBC News as “liberal-leaning”, calling it “really kind of sad and pathetic.”

    “I think it’s really kind of sad and pathetic, some of the things that he’s been lobbing at us these days,” Capus told reporters Wednesday. “I don’t quite understand it. I assume it’s because Keith Olbermann has had such tremendous growth and there’s real momentum behind Keith’s broadcast.”

And then Fox shot back:

    Fox News Channel, for its part, showed no signs of hoisting a white flag. “It’s nice to see that [NBC corporate boss] Jeff Zucker lets Steve off his leash for a few minutes,” said a Fox News spokeswoman. “But what is it that being exposed as a liberal news organization that he finds ‘sad and pathetic’?”