TV One Host Roland Martin: ‘You don’t get anywhere being safe’

Roland-Martin-articleThe end of year brings with it the opportunity to reflect on everything that happened the past 365 days, often in convenient, numbered form through endless best-of lists. It’s also a chance to permanently banish from our minds those moments that make it onto our personal worst-of list.

But as Roland Martin, host of TV One’s “NewsOne Now” knows, the flipside of a mistake is the chance to figure out not only how to move on, but how to be better once we have moved on. In our latest So What Do You Do? interview, Martin talks candidly about one of his big career gaffes, centering on coverage of inflammatory but out-of-context remarks by former Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod.

When the Shirley Sherrod tape came out, I saw the story on the CNN Political Wire. So I’m thinking that it’s on there, we vet it, whatever. Then we find out that they edited the tape out of context. People were blasting me on Facebook and Twitter. I took a hit. You deal with it. When something happens, you go ‘OK, what’s the context? Then what’s the source?’ Now I’m even more vigilant. When you put yourself out there, you’re putting yourself in the position to make a mistake. Your job is to try and eliminate the possibility of that as much as possible. But you don’t get anywhere being safe.

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