TV One Apologizes for ‘Size-ism’

TV One, a television network that focuses on programming for and about African-Americans, has broadcast an apology for an episode of one of its programs, Love That Girl, that crossed the line into what one website calls “size-ism.”

The show featured a scene where the head of its star, Tatyana Ali (from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) was placed on the body of comedian Erica Watson. Plus Model Magazine called out the episode, saying it was “not unacceptable.” Separately, the blog Frisky actually recognized Watson’s clothing in the picture that was used in the episode, which made fun of the image. Viewers, friends, and fans also expressed their anger over the episode.

In an email to Frisky, Watson wrote, “Why is my body a joke from the waist down?  It’s very hurtful.” Ugh. Colossal fail.

But TV One was quick to apologize and state plainly that it was “unaware” that the production company for the show had used “an unauthorized image of Erica Watson.” The apology is on TV One’s Facebook page, homepage, and Twitter feed. The offending image has been taken down as well. Companies have to apologize sometimes and that’s how you do it folks.