TV Networks Are Turning Down The Thermostat, Brown-Bagging It

Um, it must be really bad out there despite the happy face that TV’s putting on (“At least we’re not newspapers!”). Why? Because at a TVNewsday panel of three TV/financial smarties (Matt Deprey, veep of financial planning for Discovery Communication’s U.S. networks; Michael Solan, president of the auditing firm Telemax Communications; and Paul Bernstein, vice president of treasury operations at the cable operator Bresnan Communications), the panelists shared ways to cut costs. Hiring freezes and furloughs are on the list, as are consolidating purchasing to negotiate better rates with vendors, but the panelists also suggested turning off the lights and adjusting the thermostats in the office to save energy.

These smaller changes are important for both money- and environment-saving purposes, but when a company actually cares enough to pay attention to the light switches? Then you know it’s bad.