TV is Back: AirCast Live Integrating Personal Smartphone Videos with TV for Easy Streaming

For smartphones,  the days of being a standalone second screen has been slowly fading – especially now, that AirCast is capable of receiving your mobile videos. It’s a fairly easy concept and easy to use.


My earliest memories of You-Tube are actually days spent with friends streaming through our favorite videos – sometimes, for comedy, others for academic topics. Often, we enjoy he TV format of having larger screens, so I think bringing personal videos into the mix will be even more fun. In fact, Personally, we tend to use projectors in my own space, but when it’s time to go home, sharing a small video from a smartphone between family members is not ideal. I like the simplicity of Aircast.

Here’s the official announcement from AirCast:

All a consumer needs to do is sign-up and install the app on their smartphone and streaming device or smart TV… They simply record a video and press a button to upload it to their AirCastLive account. Then it’s just the push of another button to share that video with anyone else with AirCastLive installed on their smartphone, PC or TV. The receiving party will see a small icon in the corner of their TV, letting them know they have a message waiting for them.

AirCastLive isn’t restricted to just smartphones. You can also upload video you capture on the Internet from your PC and view it or share it from your TV. In addition to video, AirCasters can share photos or a combination of photos and video from the same account. AirCasters can also send content to multiple users at once.

You can get the Aircast Live app for $5. Storage is limitted to 1GB, but you can increase it for the following rates: $9/year for 5GB, $19/year for 20GB, and $39/year for 40GB.

Of course, we’re also expecting live streaming, very very soon from Google Chromcast.