TV Guide Vet Joins Mobile App Net

Zumobi hires Scott Crystal in new exec role

Scott Crystal's professional odyssey from seven-year president of TV Guide—which he departed in 2009—to being named Thursday (Nov. 29) to the new position of chief revenue officer of mobile apps ad net Zumobi, could probably be looked at in a number of ways.

It's likely fairest to view his most recent gig—leading "all things food and drink" website TheDailyMeal—as an important stepping-stone in the journey. Indeed, traditional publishing vets like Crystal, who was vp, director of publishing at the National Geographic Society in 1992, continue to adapt to an increasingly digital marketplace.

In this case, "Zumobi’s had consecutive record years of revenue growth," Crystal wrote in an email to Adweek. "And I see my role as a way to amplify the company’s success moving forward. Building on this momentum, I plan on working across the industry to increase awareness of their robust portfolio of innovative advertising solutions and custom features."

Seattle-based Zumobi distributes ads via smartphone and tablet apps owned by media partners like NBC, Good Housekeeping and The Sporting News, among others. According to the company, brands that have utilized its mobile network include Best Buy, Bank of America, Ford, Disney, Pepsi, Kraft, JCPenney, Citibank and Sprint.

Crystal hopes to build on that roster, leaning on a 20-plus-year resume in publishing and sales. "From Fast Company to National Geographic," he said, "I’ve thrived in helping companies refine their unique selling proposition, develop strategic alliances and enhance their overall position within the marketplace."