TV Guide Proves Summer Is Here


You know it’s summer when there is so little TV news to cover, the stuff you write up with your friends over inter-office IM becomes cover stories. It is in this spirit that we give you the Top 10 Reality Show villains, care of TV Guide:

No. 1 — Omarosa, The Apprentice: She was voted “the most hated reality star of all time” in a 2005 TV Guide poll. The Season 1 combative boardroom contestant hurled bogus racism charges at Ereka Vetrini and made it her business to irk everyone in her path. For an encore, she used this year’s Celebrity Apprentice edition to harass Piers Morgan and attack his family.

No. 2 — Jonathan Baker, The Amazing Race: It was bad enough that Season 6’s Jonathan routinely barraged wife Victoria Fuller with on-camera insults, but when he shoved the former Playboy Playmate for slowing them down during a challenge in Berlin, the abuse went from verbal to physical.

No. 3 — Jonny Fairplay, Survivor: Pearl Islands: The name is clearly a joke, since Fairplay (aka Jon Dalton) played so dirty, Jeff Probst deemed him “despicable.” His greatest hits include lying about a dead grandma to gain leverage, and overstaying his 15 minutes by appearing on everything from Inked to last spring’s Fans vs. Favorites round.

No. 4 — Puck, The Real World: San Francisco: The original reality baddie, David “Puck” Rainey picked his nose as often as he picked his fights. And while the bike messenger did have a certain charm, it certainly wore off once his cruelty toward the late Pedro Zamora led the roomies to the get the Puck out of the house.

No. 5 — Trish Schneider, The Bachelor: From the “Gold Digger” t-shirt to her disdain for kids and fling with a married man, it was clear Bachelor No. 5, Jesse Palmer, needed to dump this mean girl. After Trish crashed his overnight date with Mandy Jaye Jeffreys to offer up her hotel key, it was clearer still that Jesse needed to file a restraining order.

No. 6 — Lisa Fernandes, Top Chef: Chicago: She tattled on Andrew for skipping an ingredient, blamed Dale for their Restaurant Wars loss (despite her atrocious sticky rice) and has a stomach-turning grimace. How she made it to the finale after weekly visits to the bottom three is beyond us, but one thing’s for sure: This grouse leaves a foul taste in our mouths.

No. 7 — Spencer Pratt, The Hills: As half of the unholy union that is Speidi, Spencer never misses a chance to pimp his “romance” with Heidi Montag — or publicly trash her ex-BFF, Lauren Conrad. Someday he will get his … and knowing this photo-op addicted Eddie Haskell, it will all be caught on camera and sold to the highest bidder.

No. 8 — Wendy Pepper, Project Runway: Her party-dress challenge piece was fierce, but this Season 1 wicked witch of the stitch was a hot mess. We should have known from her skunk highlights and hatred for saintly Kara Saun. Winner-to-be Jay McCarroll said it best during their finale face-off: “Everybody hates you!”

No. 9 — Ramona Singer, The Real Housewives of New York City: Worst. Dinner guest. Ever. She comes late, leaves early, and relentlessly bashes Alex’s hubby for invading girls’ night. What’s worse, the entrepreneur with the jewelry line and the crazy eyes yanked her tween out of school to see a talent agent!

No. 10 — Lisa D’Amato, America’s Next Top Model: Hard-boozing and harder to get along with, the stylist-turned-catwalker was long considered Cycle 5’s front-runner. Until that fateful photo shoot when the abrasive show-off donned a diaper and did her business in front of everyone.

For the full story, pick up the June 23rd issue of TV Guide, featuring our Reality TV roundup.